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Kateryna Turchenko
Kidde Commercial Aspirating Detection & ERCES Product Manager

Kateryna Turchenko is an esteemed professional with a 5+ year tenure at Kidde Commercial, holding roles in product management, strategic partnerships, and
quality improvement. Currently the Product Manager for Aspirating Smoke Detection and Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES), she leads innovative solutions in fire safety.  Kateryna's expertise ensures cutting-edge products tailored to evolving industry needs. With a history as a Strategic Partner Program Manager, she mastered program management and relationship-building. Her journey at Kidde Commercial began as a Quality and Continuous Improvement Engineer, paving the way for her role as a Product Manager. Kateryna's diverse skills and unwavering commitment define her as a fire safety champion.

Thursday, October 5, 2023 @ 11AM EST

Revolutionizing Fire Detection with ModuLaser® Aspirating Smoke Detection.

by Kateryna Turchenko, Kidde Commercial Aspirating Detection & ERCES Product Manager

Make sure your challenging environment is fully covered with ModuLaser® Aspirating Smoke Detection from Kidde Commercial.

We’ve engineered the ModuLaser system with a unique modular design, equipped it with our patented artificial intelligence technology, and loaded it with user-friendly features that make protecting your facility simple.

ModuLaser aspirating smoke detection solutions offer an unmatched solution across diverse markets and applications. They surpass the limitations of traditional point detection, excelling in scenarios demanding ultra-early detection, coping with high airflow, discreet concealment, addressing smoke stratification, navigating challenging maintenance access, ensuring mission- critical detection, and even enduring extreme environmental conditions.

Join our webinar to learn how ModuLaser provides a cost-effective and user - friendly aspirating smoke detection solution for your facility.





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