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CCFS is the voice of over 4000 campus fire & life safety officials nationwide.  We are a non-profit, membership based, organization devoted to reducing the loss of life from fire at our nation's campuses. The Center serves as the focal point for the efforts of a number of organizations and also as a clearinghouse for information relating to campus fire and life safety. Our reach is throughout North America with growing international membership. 

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COVID-19 Effects on Campus Fire Safety

The world is currently dealing with the crisis of the century with Coronavirus COVID-19. There is virtually no aspect of life that hasn’t been affected here in the United State and abroad. The Campus Fire Safety world has never been faced with the challenges we’re navigating through currently.  Items we’re collectively working on includes but is not limited to; Limited access to campus and working remotely from home, managing construction progress during the crisis, maintaining or altering frequency of fire protection systems testing and inspections, maintaining a fire protection emphasis during active research occurring on campus during the crisis, accommodating the use of campus facilities by other entities, and lastly planning on restoration of campus operations once students and staff are “hopefully”, permitted to return the fall.



CCFS and the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) proudly announce a project to strengthen disability fire safety standards nationwide.

Newburyport, Massachusetts: CCFS and NDRN are working closely to significantly strengthen disability inclusive fire safety standards on college campuses nationwide. According to CCFS President, Justin Daniels,”our two non-profit organizations will advocate for meaningful engagement of college students with disabilities throughout preparedness/planning, drills/exercises and response/recovery  activities.” This partnership plans to explore the creation of an interactive student—focused initiative that enhances involvement in accessible protection/prevention activities among the 18-25-year-old demographic, and will also educate college officials nationwide on physical and communication barriers that threaten the safety of individuals with disabilities while on campuses.