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Presented By: Dean Rushin

Applications Engineer at FFE Beam and Flame Detection 

Dean provides detection related support to fire and life safety professionals across
North America. With a mechanical engineering degree from Northern Illinois
University, he applies over a decade of experience in the optics industry to the field
of specialty fire detection.


May 29, 2024 @ 1PM EDT

Beam Smoke Detection & Optical Flame Detection

Beam Smoke Detection
Beam smoke detectors are used across a wide range of building occupancy
classifications worldwide. Common applications include atriums, warehouses, gymnasiums,
theaters, and places with limited access to ceilings. In many large buildings, full area smoke
coverage is required in addition to sprinklers. In this talk we will review the current NFPA 72
code guidance as well as new detector spacing guidelines that are expected to be adopted in
the next edition of 72. We will discuss how to properly design your smoke coverage in high
ceiling areas where smoke stratification is a possibility. Various real-world examples and
equipment best-practices are reviewed.

Optical Flame Detection
Flame detectors are line-of-sight devices that can detect fire within a few seconds of
ignition. They are typically used in areas with flammable hazards such as jet fuel, paper,
hydrogen, solvents, plastics, and textiles. They can be used as initiating devices in fire alarm
systems or as part of a process control system. This talk will give an overview of basic device
operation, common application examples, and best practices.


 Learning objectives

1.) List three examples of building types where beam smoke detection provides practical or economic advantages over spot detectors.

2.) Describe the phenomenon of smoke stratification and how beam smoke detectors can be positioned to prevent delayed detection times.

3.) Identify two wavelength bands on the electromagnetic spectrum that optical flame detectors use to detect fire. 






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